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Croxsons Leads In Promoting Sustainable Practices

Leading glass packaging company, Croxsons, is currently promoting its new sustainability campaign, reiterating its commitment to environmental stewardship in the packaging industry.

As part of this initiative, Croxsons is focusing on major sustainability efforts including promoting the use of and planning for zero-carbon furnaces for glass production, which are part of the UK’s broader aim to achieve net zero emissions by 2050. The company is planning for a rapid transition from traditional natural gas furnaces to those powered entirely by renewable electricity and hydrogen, aiming to substantially reduce the carbon footprint of its manufacturing processes.

Further demonstrating its dedication to environmental causes, Croxsons has partnered with Ecologi to fund global climate initiatives and has already planted 150,000 trees to combat deforestation and climate change, as well as offsetting the carbon footprint of their entire team. This undertaking highlights the company’s pledge to undo decades of carbon damage and provide tangible benefits to the environment, meeting 13 of the UN Sustaintability Development Goals.

Additionally, Croxsons’ recent recognition at the Ecologi Awards, where it won a Gold Award, highlights the company's proactive approach to sustainability and its effective strategies in setting and achieving significant emission reduction targets.

Tim Croxson, Croxsons CEO, said:

“Our commitment to sustainability is central to our operations. We are not just adjusting to a better way of doing business, we have to make sure that we are playing our part in ensuring that the packaging industry contributes positively to the planet's future.”

Providing bespoke solutions to global food and beverage brands, Croxsons continues to expand its reach and services worldwide, maintaining its commitment to sustainable practices in all aspects of its business.


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