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First 'Coronation Wood' To Be Planted By Forestry England

Forestry England will create the first ‘Coronation Wood’ to celebrate the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III at Clipsham in the East Midlands. The woodland will cover 220 hectares and be planted with a mix of broadleaf and conifer tree species providing a rich habitat for wildlife, a beautiful space for people to enjoy and a sustainable source of timber.

The new woodland site, which straddles the border between Rutland and Leicestershire, will link two existing woodlands, Clipsham Park and Pickworth Wood, which are both already managed by Forestry England, to create a joined up area of woodland which together will cover 433 hectares.

Forestry England is now beginning work on soil and other surveys as well as a woodland design, deciding on the right tree species which will be carefully chosen to thrive and be resilient to future climate conditions as they grow and mature. Tree species and woodland design will focus on improving biodiversity right across the joined up area of the three woodlands, and the new Coronation Wood will form an important buffer to Pickworth Wood which has SSSI designation and is an important habitat for wildlife. The new woodland will also be an important source of sustainable timber, contributing to the UK’s homegrown timber market and the green economy.

Local people will be able to explore the woodland all year round, enabling them to see the trees growing and changing. New paths being created will give much greater access for people across the whole woodland block, extending the limited footpaths and bridleways which are currently through Clipsham Park and Pickworth Wood.

Paddy Harrop, Forest Management Director, said; “We are delighted that so soon after the Coronation, we are announcing the very first ‘Coronation Wood’ as a fitting way to celebrate and mark this important part of our national history. Now Forestry England has bought the land, the new woodland will become part of the nation’s forests we care for in perpetuity, allowing people to enjoy and explore them and support their health and wellbeing."

“Planning and planting a brand new woodland is always an exciting moment for us as we think ahead to how tree saplings we plant over the coming years will look, and the many benefits they will bring decades ahead. We are keen to involve local communities in the plans so that they feel excited and welcomed to this new woodland. We’ll be consulting people on our woodland design once that’s ready and give updates on progress as we move ahead with planting.”

Forestry England is aiming to plant the trees in the autumn and winter of 2024/25 and will share news and updates on the woodland on their website here


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