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New Range Of Sustainable Bikes Launched

A Manchester business is making cycling more accessible thanks to its new range of recycled bikes. is offering its sleek, stylish and super lightweight Urban-City single-speed and fixed gear bikes, which are affordable and made from sustainable materials.

Single-speed and ‘fixie’ bikes offer a simple riding experience perfect for commuting or exploring a city. With fewer components, they need less maintenance – but usually cost upwards of £400.

Oliver’s economical bikes, which start at £199, are entirely made from recycled or recyclable materials including rubber and leather, environmentally-friendly paint and rechargeable LED front and rear lights. The steel used to create the bike frame can be infinitely re-used and the company also offers accessories including a bike cover made from recycled polyester.

Business owner Siraya Gill (27) said she got the idea for the company from her father. “My dad’s a huge fan of cycling and will quite easily do around 70 miles a day. His love started from a young age as he grew up seeing his grandfather riding on the farms he tended to.”

“The whole reason we wanted to set up the business was to make sustainable bikes that are affordable. It’s also a push for society in general to be healthier and to encourage people to get outside more. Sustainability is massive at the moment, especially with the increasing signs of climate change.”

“We’ve already had really positive feedback from the pop-up stores we held in Manchester and Altrincham regarding the quality of our bikes at the low price point and we’re looking to launch another near Manchester University near the beginning of term time.”

Siraya says that the business reduces its margins to make their bikes as affordable as possible. There are no plans for a physical store as they want to keep the costs down.

The current range includes the Urban-City 1.0, which is Oliver’s most affordable bike, whilst the Urban-City 2.0 has updated features and is available in four crisp colours including yellow, black on black, white on black and even a retro green.

Weighing under 11kg the high-quality bikes, which can be delivered next day across the UK, are packed in 100 per cent recycled cardboard and are easy to assemble with the kit provided. They all include a fitted bottle cage, LED rechargeable front and back lights, and a bell.

When riders choose the ready-to-ride bike sets – which include the bike and accessories – a discount of 10 per cent is available. Students can also benefit from a cheaper rate.

Oliver Cycling plans to expand into mountain, road and electric bikes and bring in a sustainable cycling clothing range.


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