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Planting Your Way To Sustainability

How is your company going to become a Net Zero business? As the fight against climate change gathers momentum, so does the pressure on organisations to demonstrate what they are doing to reduce their carbon emissions.

The world is currently facing a carbon crisis. Billions of CO2 emissions are released into the atmosphere every year. Greenhouse gas emissions are at a record high with no signs of slowing down. Urgent action is needed if we are to secure a greener, and more sustainable future. Here we share the thoughts of Joe Oughtred, co-founder of Axiom Consultancy as we look at the topic of planting trees as part of an approach to offsetting carbon produced in the business.

Net Zero Business – Sustainability From the Soil Upwards

One way to build a Net Zero business is through carbon offset – essentially compensating for current carbon dioxide emissions by participating in schemes designed to make equivalent reductions. Whilst there are many existing and developing renewable energy projects for this, another innovative method to offset carbon is through using one of the earth’s natural resources: trees.

Trees play a pivotal role in transforming carbon dioxide, and they do this through photosynthesis. The leaves of growing trees absorb atmospheric carbon dioxide by releasing oxygen – locking up the carbon until the trees comes to the end of its life or decays. Sometimes the carbon is then passed into woodland soil from falling leaves, incorporating the entirety of the woodland ecosystem and turning it into an important landscape which stores carbon.

Net Zero Business – Rooting for Real Change

Despite their efficacy in lowering emissions, trees are not receiving the respect and care they need or deserve. Deforestation remains a problem across the globe, with agriculture, logging, mining and infrastructure projects being responsible for the clearance of native woodland, natural habitats and essential ecosystems.

While it is estimated there will never be enough trees in the world to offset the carbon emissions, planting trees remains an essential part of the solution whilst the world finds new methods of sustainability.

Getting Involved – Offsetting Carbon

Businesses need to show that they are actively advancing their sustainability credentials.

Whether that’s changing operations to be more environmentally-aware or re-evaluating what companies you work alongside, it’s important to demonstrate that you are playing a part in the collective battle against climate change.

There has never been a more relevant, or important time for businesses to lead the way and give back to nature. One way to do this is by forming corporate partnerships with organisations such as Trees for Life, Ecologi, The Tree Council or Woodland Trust, who can help mitigate your business’s unavoidable carbon emissions by planting trees here in the UK.

Setting a Precedent Through Sustainable Supply Chains

Another way to offset your carbon and achieve a Net Zero business is by making your supply chain more sustainable. In addition to reducing your business’s waste and environmental impact, it can also reduce costs, increase efficiency and drive innovation.

Practicing eco-awareness enhances reputation and showcases your business as aware and ethically responsible, which can encourage others to follow suit.

About the Contributor:

Joe Oughtred is the co-founder of Axiom, a consultancy that specialises in sustainability and supply chains underpinned by a powerful cloud-based platform that helps businesses monitor, analyse and improve sustainability performance in order to achieve its sustainability goals.


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