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Robertson Group Becomes Climate Positive

Since launching its 2030 Responsible Business Strategy in 2020, Robertson Group has reported for the first time on the commitments that it set which focus on three main objectives: Its People, Its Partners and The Planet.

The results have moved Robertson Group beyond carbon neutral, as verified by One Carbon World, to climate positive.

Emissions intensity has been reduced by 18.43% compared to its 2019/20 re-baseline, where the reporting scope was expanded, and by 49% compared to its 2014/15 baseline.

The lives of almost 600 people have been enhanced and social value to the tune of £203.9m has been delivered.

Elliot Robertson, chief executive officer, Robertson Group, said: “It was important that we set targets that would challenge us as a business to do better for our people; our partners and our planet. We have been offsetting all of our emissions since 2018 through the funding of tree planting and renewable energy generation, and we have now committed to maintaining our 2020 offsetting level, to allow us to fully invert our 2018 carbon footprint by 2030.”

The largest proportion of reported emissions come from energy use across Robertson projects, offices, the factory, through travel, transport for commercial vehicles, and business travel.

“We are strongly focusing on the areas in our reporting scope to address those which make the highest contribution in the first instance. By 2030 we will generate zero direct emissions from our projects, our offices, our factory, and our fleet, and we are already working towards this through a number of initiatives which have been embedded in our 2030 Carbon Management Plan. The Carbon Management Plan has been integrated into our Environmental Management System and contains a series of actions for consideration for each part of our business and our employees."

“We are working closely with our customers and stakeholders to decarbonise our projects and operations, and with our supply chain to reduce the embodied carbon of the materials we build with.”

Since becoming one of the first UK businesses in the built environment to achieve carbon neutrality, in 2018, Robertson Group has been further recognised for the actions it has taken. UN Climate Neutral Now, for its approach to measuring reducing and offsetting its carbon emissions; Resource Efficiency Pledge Platinum through Zero Waste Scotland in recognition of resource efficiency improvements; Supply Chain Sustainability School Partner and Gold level member status for supporting its supply chain with free sustainability assessments, development plans and learning resources; and a signatory of ‘Terra Carta’, part of HRH The Prince of Wales’ Sustainable Markets Initiative (SMI).

Elliot, concluded: “We are pleased that our efforts and activity to meet the objectives set in our 2030 Responsible Business Strategy have been recognised, but our purpose for achieving these objectives is to play our part in assuring a sustainable future."

“The commitments we have made have no limitations regarding making improvements for our people, our partners and our planet, and we are already turning our attention to how we can assist our customers to achieve biodiversity net gains."

“We are pleased with the results delivered this year, but we are pushing to do more. Many of the solutions to the challenges facing our industry are still to be found and we will continue to develop and evolve our plans as new innovations and best practice do the same.”


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