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Led by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and held annually on 5 June since 1973, World Environment Day is the largest global platform for environmental public outreach and is celebrated by millions of people across the world.

Taking part is becoming more and more important as time is running out, and nature is in emergency mode. To keep global warming below 1.5°C this century, we must halve annual greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

Without action, exposure to air pollution beyond safe guidelines will increase by 50 per cent within the decade and plastic waste flowing into aquatic ecosystems will nearly triple by 2040. We need urgent action to address these pressing issues.

The family business community is a recognised 'force for good' and plenty of family firms are doing their bit to reduce their impact on the environment and the resources they consume. Every action makes a difference, however small, and we are delighted to be celebrating today with family firms across the world that are making a difference.

Clearly, there is a long way to go but every step counts, reducing consumption of precious resources helps, recycling makes a difference

and we all need to continue this journey to ensure that the planet endures for future generations too.


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