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Create your own 'hotel for insects and bugs' in this sustainable timber 'bug hotel' and provide an environment for insects to use as a home.


The bug hotel includes a number of different sections which will be of use to different insects such as a slotted section for butterflies and moths, an area filled with pine cones for ladybirds, a space for you to fill with leaves and leaf litter in the Autumn months to attract different insects and tubes to provide a space for friendly solitary bees.


The bug hotel should be installed in a sheltered position on a sunny south-facing wall, tree or fence which is sheltered and close to vegetation.  The bug hotel comes ready to put up with the only action needed being to occasionally replace decomposed leaf litter.


The timber will weather over time and may develop small splits and attract lichen, but this will not affect the integrity of the hotel. Splits may even be used as additional habitats by some insects.


Dimensions - Width 28cms x Depth 9cms x Height 40cms

Bug Hotel

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